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Renting a scooter in Istanbul

Many people ask me “should I”?. The short answer is: You must do it. – But traffic is horrible. – Whell, that’s the main reason you need a two-wheeler. – But I’m afraid. -Another reason. Overcome your fears. If you can’t do that during holidays, there is no other suitable moment. Even if you think your riding skill is high, forget the racing practice, and try instead the step, narrow, stone paved streets in Fatih. With a passenger. And, if you really want to gamble, try that during rain (please do not, or leave the passenger in front of a great Turkish coffee, at least for the first day).

During night, things tend to become even more interesting, especially when climbing down

Let’s start from the beginning: we tried to rent a scooter from a nearby location but nobody was there (exactly as mentioned in some reviews). Being persistent, we asked around and some guys started to use their phones. After many fails, one said: “sorry, he’s sleeping, nothing new”. It was a little before noon. OK, let’s work with somebody who is not sleeping… Walked to the second location on the map, they had no scooter left. A hotel manager joined the conversation and, when asked, without hesitation, recommended a motorbike rental company a little too far away (40 minutes with Uber, 10 euros). He said, before leaving: “just read the reviews”. Instead of doing it, we looked at their 2 wheelers park: R1250GS, CRF 1000 L… Well, if that is true, those guys must be capable of something good. And they are. Don’t waste more time (as we did) and contact https://www.motorcyclerentalantalya.com

Only 75 km yesterday, a lot of time lost, but we had a nice night ride in Fatih.

Motorcycles are everywhere and pedestrians, even police, are very tolerant. Also, pedestrians tend to take advantage of police tolerance and they often become a real danger, crossing anytime, anywhere, even without looking.
But not so tolerant.. When you ride by a flock of police motorbikes without a helmet, you really looked for it. Fine is 1500TL “per head”, literally
Never seen such a variety of police bikes: R1300GS, Ténéré, F800, Africa Twin, Tracker…

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